Some may make the mistake of asking, "Who is WHITEPAWN?"

Make no mistake: WHITEPAWN is not a person, nor an organization.

WHITEPAWN is a concept.

WHITEPAWN is a concept which has manifested itself into this website, its texts, and most importantly, its philosophy.

Throughout these texts, notice that there is no mention of "us," "we," "me," or "I." This is because, although WHITEPAWN is not an individual, it cannot be joined. The reverse is true; WHITEPAWN joins you.

Should you choose, however, to indulge yourself in WHITEPAWN, then you must realize that you are a pawn, and there is nothing that can be done to change such a status. You must accept this. Revel in this. Cleanse yourself of delusions and become WHITEPAWN.

WHITEPAWN is a Concept

No-one is truly "in charge" or "in control" of WHITEPAWN. Furthermore, no-one can actually live up to the ideals of WHITEPAWN. People are humans, and humans are erronous. Because of this, WHITEPAWN urges that you do not treat it as a movement or ideology that may be followed. Concepts are simply organized ideas and thoughts. One can and should keep a concept in mind when speaking or living out their own life, whether that concept is something as obscure as WHITEPAWN or idealistic as a self-made Utopia.

In the end, a concept is just that: a concept. A thought or notion that one has and carries with them. The aim of WHITEPAWN is echoed through the line, "WHITEPAWN joins you." Whether consciously or not, peoples' minds often drift back to previously-explored concepts, and thus, those concepts join that person in their mind. It might seem frightening for some to think that WHITEPAWN will join them whether they want it to or not, it is simply within the nature of concepts to follow people and embed themselves on some level within their minds.

Realize That You Are a Pawn

Everyone is a victim to some higher, uncontrollable power. It goes by many names: "The Powers That Be," "The Man," "Them," "It," et cetera.

The truth is, however, that there isn't a singular high power controlling you, but rather a massive collection of events, circumstances, and powers that all go beyond your head. The world operates through so many nuances and conglomerates that, although one truth does exist, it is impossible for any human being to grasp. The best one can do is have an idea or interpretation, and although a holistic view may be more accurate than others, it can't even begin to scratch the surface of reality.

With all of these uncontrollable powers, people exist not as spectators or as actors, but as products of these powers. That is to say, you are but a pawn to everything around you. Even those who seem to exist at the "top" of society (the "1%," the "bourgeois," or the heads of state) are but pawns to the greater scheme. While one may like to rest comfortably thinking that those in charge control the crowds, the fact of the matter is that the crowds control those on charge. Should the elite not satisfy the wants of the laymen, the elite will fall. Even if the elite continue to appeal, all things are subject to decay. It's only a matter of time before one elite crumbles in favour of another.

One may attribute this to fate, but fate does not exist as you may know it. The way the world operates, how decisions are made, and what happens to you, is ultimately out of your control. Try as you might to change things, your success depends on so much more than your own effort. With so many outside forces working in a way that treats you as no more than a pawn, one may percieve the illusion of fate, but it doesn't exist in the same way you might believe. The traditional view of fate is that everything will result in one specific outcome determined by outside forces. On the contrary, different forces decide different outcomes, and this is WHITEPAWN's vision of fate.

One force, such as decay, will dictate that a corpse will rot. Another force, survival, will urge a scavenging animal to feed from the corpse before it can fully decay. In other words, one force may interfere with the fate decided by another force. You may put your effort into a product, such as a painting, and it may very well be the best painting known to man. Your effort has dictated some sort of outcome, be it high value or sentiment, but whether or not anyone else will care or pay attention is up to entirely different forces that exist outside of your control. Your effort may draw those powers to work in your favor, or those powers will simply go past it.

Despite this personification of powers, make no mistake: Powers have no mind, personality, or life of their own, and this is what makes them so apathetic. They work on their own accord, not because they must or because they have a "will" of their own, but because they simply exist outside of want or will. Everything they do, even with your efforts, is ultimately out of your control.

Cleanse Yourself of Delusions

By understanding that these powers are out of your control, you become BLACKPAWN. The difference between WHITEPAWN and BLACKPAWN is the state of mind after understanding this truth. A BLACKPAWN may not fully understand what it means to be a pawn, and lash out at one higher power, such as their government, its enforcers, or people who don't carry the idea of BLACK/WHITEPAWN. BLACKPAWN consists typically of Nihilists, who believe that the higher powers only make one's efforts useless, or "rebels" who wish to topple the higher powers constructed by man. BLACKPAWNs are not the enemy of WHITEPAWN, nor are they an ally. Rather, they are a state between WHITEPAWN and non-pawns. They are a state that exists through a lack of understanding that, by acknowledging these powers, you must not concern yourself with them.

An easy trap for BLACKPAWNS to fall into is the philosophy of Nihilism. One may think that, with all these uncontrollable, unseen, and nebulous forces affecting their will in unknown ways, then all of their input on life ultimately means nothing. This is a far too sophomoric look. In reality, the idea that these forces will operate with or without your existence should bring relief to you. It means that you have the ability to decide what you would like for your meaning to be. Nihilism is simply a doorway to Existentialism, which is key in making one's life enjoyable, and is additionally one of WHITEPAWN's ideals. Unfortunately, there just happens to be something so alluring about the doorway of Nihilism that people just want to stay there without moving on.

Rebellion is another BLACKPAWN ideal that is much more harmful and destructive than Nihilism. Rebellion is the urge for people to act as catalysts for destructive forces and label such forces as constructive. It's seen daily in typical actions, but is made much more prevalent in the political scene, which WHITEPAWN strongly cautions against. Politcs, despite their well intentions, contribute to the ongoing delusion that one may change or alter the higher forces. Through any and all efforts, however, the changes cannot be altered. They exist beyond human interpretation, yet for whatever reason, people act up in attempt to control the forces in their own favour. This then subjects people to anarchy and brutalism, or on the other side of the spectrum, totalitarianism and abuse. The simple act of supporting any political party or figurehead contributes to the delusion that these forces may be altered. Perhaps this urge to control is embedded within instinct or emotion, but whatever the answer is, WHITEPAWN may not have it.

The truth behind cleansing yourself of delusions is that you must turn your attention away from higher forces. Acknowledgement of these forces is key, but do not try to alter or control them. Accepting that these forces cannot be changed is key, but do not turn this acceptance into Nihilist defeatism. Turn your attention away from the forces; away from religion or politics, and instead towards the finer details of life. That is where true beauty is found.


Are you still confused?